Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time Management, part 1

Hello? As it turns out, time management has not been my strong suit during the first several months of this year. No matter. I'm here now to delight you with my lack of home improvement projects, pictures of Penny and miscellaneous news since my last post two months ago.

First up, in early March, my mom and I tagged along with my sister to San Francisco where she was attending a conference. While Lola learned defensive programming in Java (thrilling!), I marched my mom all over the city. I have a very purposeful stride. 

 I scored a half-off Segway deal on Yelp. At one point, my mom got stuck in the mud.

Lola, my mom, and me with a classic San Francisco backdrop.
You've all seen the Golden Gate Bridge, but this shot's not too bad, right?