Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Salt and pepper

Just when you think a blog is dead, it's not. What has propelled me from hibernation? Salt and pepper shakers. And I want you to know about them because I think they are so smart.

They are made by Oxo and have a pour spout. Why don't all salt and pepper shakers have a spout? It makes cooking and baking easier and better.

Also, since my last post, unfortunately titled "Learning Garage" instead of "Leaning Garage" (which, by the way, has given my sister Lola immense joy. That lady knows how to appreciate a good typo.), I've been up to a few things. I took some more trips to satiate my travel bug.  Standouts include Jordan, Poland, and South Africa. I got married -- we're now nearly four months in, and so far so good. :)
And Penny is doing quite well, thanks for asking.